Wellness Pendant – Grounding



Wellness Pendant – Grounding

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Product Description

The Grounding Wellness pendant is a powerful tool in your quest for health and wellness.  This pendant is perfect for:

  • Endurance
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Health

Wear it around your neck or carry it in your pocket.  You will feel the effects!

How it works:

After the pendants are created, they are placed in a chamber where they are left for a period of time and bombarded with frequencies. The frequencies are imprinted in the molecules and when the pendants are removed from the chamber, they hold the frequencies.

When placed in proximity to the body, it causes the body’s energies to come into balance, which causes all the beneficial results. The Pictures on the right were taken with the aura camera invented by Guy Coggins, showing the shift in the colors of someone’s aura when the pendant was put on.

Each person responds differently. Some put it on and notice an energy immediately. Some don’t notice anything until after a few days, when they notice their energy level is higher. They stop wearing the pendant and their energy level drops. Some older people notice a decrease in their aches and pains. Some students are able to concentrate and focus better. The responses are very individualized and seem to work on one’s area of weakness.

Seventeen Year Old Student
“I’m a seventeen year old  boy who feels like I have more energy. It helps me focus on my school work. This pendant rocks!!” – Nathan K


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